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2000 Fiji COUP

My research in Fiji culminated in a book examining the historical and political underpinnings of the 2000 Fiji coup, as well as the experiences of living under conditions of political violence. 


I also examined humour during political violence and contested claims over belonging to the nation-state.

My other works on Fiji and Indo-Fijian society include examinations of embodiment, religion, and gender.



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2005. “Between Victims and Assailants, Victims and Friends: Sociality and the Imagination in Indo-Fijian Narratives of Rural Violence During the May 2000 Fiji Coup.” In A. Strathern, P. Stewart, and N. Whitehead (eds). Terror and Violence: Imagination and the Unimaginable. London: Pluto Press. Pp. 117-141.

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2002. “Introduction: Communities in Crisis.” Pacific Studies. Special issue, Ethnographies of the May 2000 Fiji Coup. S. Trnka (ed). 25 (4): 1-8. 

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