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Czech Society

I have a long-standing research interest in the Czech Republic. This includes my work on the impact of the 1989 revolution on gender, as examined in my edited volume, Bodies of Bread and Butter, and in my book, Young Women of Prague (co-authored with Alena Heitlinger).


I also have written about masculinity, memories of political change, and more recently, I have completed a book (Traversing) on embodiment, technology, and culture, which ethnographically focuses on the Czech Republic.



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2017. “Reciprocal Responsibilities: Struggles over (New and Old) Social Contracts, Environmental Pollution, and Childhood Asthma in the Czech Republic.” In Competing Responsibilities: The Politics and Social Ethics of Responsibility in Contemporary Life. Susanna Trnka and Catherine Trundle, eds. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. Pp. 71-95.

2013. “Forgotten Pasts and Fearful Futures in Czechs’ Remembrances of Communism.” In Recasting Futures and Pasts: Imagination and Memory across Generations in Post-Socialist Europe. Focaal: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology. 66: 36-46.

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